Sizes: 4oz, 16oz

GOLDEN Fluid Acrylic Colors were created due to the high demand from artists for custom colors with a low viscosity yet high pigment-saturation. These colors were created with artist versatility in mind including using techniques such as pouring, dripping and puddling their acrylics. The GOLDEN Fluid line is also used for staining and watercolor alternatives along with the use of spray applications.

When compared to thicker paints, GOLDEN Fluid Acrylic Colors load an artists brush more evenly and with a more consistent flow onto the painting surface. This allows for longer, more uniform strokes due to their low viscosity. Artists can count on achieving thin layers while retaining highly-pigmented color which isn't possible by simply diluting a higher viscosity acrylic.

GOLDEN Interference and Iridescent colors offer artists a unique view due to the colors seeming to "flip" or shimmer when seen at different angles. While Interference colors will change from an opalescent to its complement, the Iridescent colors will shimmer more rather than change tone.

The lighter the surface these shades are applied to, the less dramatic of an effect will be observed. To create a deeper opalescent, GOLDEN recommends adding small amounts of black to any of the Interference acrylics. By combining GOLDEN Interface and Iridescent colors with their Fluid Acrylics and Gels, an endless amount of effects are possible!