Color Options:

GOLDEN Open Acrylics make up GOLDENs slow-drying line. These paints have a slightly softer consistency than GOLDEN Heavy Body colors, with an increased working time similar to that of traditional oil colors. The Open Acrylic line is ideal for creating portraits, landscapes, softening techniques, fine details, as well as shading and glazing. Aside from the traditional uses, GOLDEN Open Acrylics are also appropriate for some printmaking techniques.

Due to the slow drying nature of Open acrylics, GOLDEN recommends painting in layers 1mm thick or less to ensure proper drying. Drying time may be manipulated by mixing with a faster drying acrylic line like GOLDEN Fluid or Heavy Body acrylics to propel the drying process.

While compatible with most GOLDEN Acrylics, mediums, and Gels, the working time of GOLDEN Open colors will be proportionately reduced. If the use of a medium is required, GOLDEN recommends mixing with GOLDEN OPEN Gel, Medium, and Thinner.

With such slow drying time, GOLDEN Open Acrylics are able to be used for weeks at a time, when stored properly in sealed containers. Artists are able to preserve their working materials for longer, providing less waste and more consistent colors throughout their work.