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in 1905 Kaweco produced the first metal writing instruments. What was then made of silver or gilded brass is today made of metal aluminum. A CNC-machined, high-quality aluminum is refined in other processes and thus receives its silky-gloss, hardened surface.

The metallic body made of high quality aluminum gives these writing instruments a special feel. Its fine surface gives it elegance. Its low weight makes it ideal for on the go. The colors include black, anthracite, silver and light blue, as well as the model RAW, which develops very quickly through untreated aluminum patina with fine signs of wear and the stonewashed models in used look in black and blue.

The fountain pen becomes individual with the choice of your desired feather made in Germany. You can choose between five spring sizes: EF - extra fine, for a very small and fine handwriting, F - fine, M - medium, B as a slightly wider spring and BB often for large, dramatic signatures. Beginners we recommend the spring strength M.

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