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This out-of-this-world kit is loaded with special effects! It includes one 3" diameter spaceship equipped with a hinged cockpit dome from which a curious alien peers, as well as multiple fun light and sound effects. Open the cockpit dome and press the alien's head to play the sound of a spaceship engine, followed by eerie pre-abduction music. Six blue lights around the spaceship flash in rotation and two bright LED lights beneath the ship glow, casting a beam of light in search of a specimen to abduct. When the spaceship is hovered in close proximity to the cow, a magnetically powered 'abduction' occurs which simultaneously prompts new light and sound effects. Lights beneath the ship flash and music changes to a pulsating sound with intermittent cow mooing. When the cow is abducted and the alien head is pressed again, a sound of the spaceship flying away plays, concluding the invasion and shutting off the spaceship. Kit includes spaceship, miniature cow, faux grass mound, transparent display stand and a 48 page book, The Cow Abduction Chronicles, featuring full-color illustrations. 

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